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The world of content marketing is wonderfully frustrating. 

There's too much noise. Too much manipulation. And not enough sincerity. At every step of the way, you're treated as a drop in the funnel and compelled to crawl another inch toward "conversion." Everyone knows the game. 

That's why, some of the best content emerges from a selfless desire to educate, even at the cost of being vulnerable. Especially at the cost of being vulnerable. But companies don't usually have the luxury to do that. You know who does?


Your leaders are your most potent marketing channel. Their unique perspective is more useful than any "keyword grab" blog. Their words evoke greater trust than press releases. 

Leaders​ often lack time, not intent to educate. That's where we come in. At Execlore, we're helping executives transform their LinkedIn presence into a compelling personal brand. 

Interested? Schedule a call and learn how we can help. 

Shiv Sharma

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Eric Digholm, Head of Product at Taskworld

Shiv always amazed me with his industry insights and brilliant methods for solving problems.


Patrick Wings, Co-founder at GrowSaaS

Hire Shiv and you will get a very skillful writer, digital marketer, and manager.


Anri Digholm, Engineering Manager at Mercari

Shiv is one of those guys that immediately understands what is a priority and what's not.

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